Valve teams up with EA

by: Chuck -
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Didn't see this one coming. Shacknews appears to have the scoop on a deal between Valve and EA to distribute upcoming versions of Half-Life 2 (including the Xbox version and some kind of Game of the Year Edition). I'm sure EA backed up the money truck on this one and it has to raise some interesting questions about why they are even going to sell a new version of the retail version in stores. More details as we receive them.

Update: This article on The has some more details. The deal is for a new boxed version of Half-Life 2 (looks like the gold version that users can get over steam) along with the publishing rights for the series. It looks like a good deal for Valve as they maintain the rights to the sell their games through Steam and then they get EA to publish the version sold in stores. I just hope they didn't have to sell any ownership in the company to EA to get the deal.
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