Uwe Boll reciprocates your hatred

by: Chuck -
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Eurogamer has a nice interview with Uwe Boll where he talks about how most of his game films are trashed before they are even released and he's not happy that his films have not been well received by the gaming market.  It is almost enough to make you feel sorry for him (key word being almost).  While I haven't seen any of his films I have watched the various trailers for the movies and that was enough for me to spend my $10 elsewhere. 

Here's a hint for Uwe and other game movie makers, utilize a property that actually has some depth rather than just picking a popular game.  I'd kill to see a good Half-Life 2 movie or maybe even something based on Myst but doing something on a game with a plot that can be written on a cocktail napkin is just asking for trouble.  If you want to know why comic book movies do so well it's because there is more to them than just blowing crap up.
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