Update: O'Bannon v NCAA Class Action Suit

by: Sean Cahill -
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Yesterday, we learned that there had been sources reporting that at least one current athlete was added to the lawsuit on the Plaintiffs side.  Today, we learned that it is not one, but six active players that have offered to appear in court, if necessary, for O'Bannon and his legal team.  Since the files are public record and can be reported on, it wasn't long before we learned of their names.  They are:

Jake Fischer, LB, Arizona
Jake Smith, K, Arizona
Chase Garnham, LB, Vanderbilt
Darius Robinson, CB, Clemson
Moses Alipate, TE, Minnesota
Victor Keise, WR, Minnesota

It was expected that the Plaintiffs would keep the names under wraps as much as possible, but they released the names to the public almost immediately upon notifying the court that they had added them in.

Outside of this development, we still do not have any update from Judge Wilkens as to what she is deciding or if there will be another hearing as of yet.
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