UPDATE: Mega Man 10 bosses unveiled... again

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 As I stated in my news posting yesterday, it was only a matter of time before Capcom released actual images and information regarding the bosses from the upcoming Mega Man 10 game.  While the first initial unveiling was in CoroCoro Comic Magazine, images and information regarding the bosses have been posted on Capcom's Unity Blog.  The full "official" bios for the bosses are listed after the jump but here are images of the robots who will be standing in your pixelated way...

 From the official Capcom Unity Blog:

Blade Man: An ancient castle robot guide. He gets his appearance from the fact that the castle’s lord was a serious sword buff. He is well versed in weapons and swords, and once you get him talking on the subject, it’s hard to get him to stop. Some visitors to the castle have been known to just get up and leave while he rambles on. Blade Man moves quickly. Watch out for his sudden approach!
Chill Man: Arctic natural observation robot. His primary job is to stop glacial melting caused by global warming. His hobby is photography. He takes pictures of magnificent natural wonders and posts them on the internet to make people aware of the importance of nature. Watch out for his “Chill Spike”, when it strikes Mega Man, he freezes and becomes paralyzed!
Commando Man: A mine-sweeper robot responsible for removing land-mines by remote detonation of small explosives. He is busy fielding requests for his services from countries worldwide and also enjoys being able to taste oil from all over the world. Commando Man’s attack “Commando Bomb” is an intense blast wave!
Nitro Man: A stunt robot featured in numerous movies and TV shows. If the director says to do something, there’s not a stunt he won’t do, no matter how dangerous. On a motorcycle, his technique is pure genius. He is also the president of a robot stunt club of which there are 60 members. Nitro Man transforms into a motorcycle! He chases Mega Man at a furious speed!
Pump Man: A wastewater treatment plant purification robot. He looks a little old, but he can control water at will, and launch high-powered water-projectiles. He is quite a clean freak, so it is no wonder that he volunteers his time to blast away graffiti from neighborhood walls. Pump Man can control water at will. His “Water Shield” can block Mega Man’s attack!
Sheep Man: Formerly a sheepherding robot. He recently took the unique job of working in the static resistance test division of a circuit board manufacturer after noticing one day static build-up on his wool. But being one that easily gets bored, it seems he is already thinking about changing jobs again. Sheep Man splits up his body into several clouds that attack the ground with static electricity like thunder!
Solar Man: An artificial sunlight research facility robot. He has the ability to create ultra-high temperature artificial sunlight. Since he and his coworkers spend so much time cooped up in the lab, he developed his own “Solar Workout” plan which is slowly gaining recognition. Solar Man’s artificial sunlight blocks and absorbs Mega Man’s attack!
Strike Man: A stadium batting-practice robot. He can throw just about any kind of pitch, but gets in a bad mood when he gives up too many hits. He was almost sent back to the factory for maintenance when he hit a batter he didn’t like with a pitch and put him in the hospital. Strike Man makes a big jump and hurls the hard fastball, “Rebound Striker”!
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