Two new mechanics will be playable in Ultra Street Fighter IV location tests

by: Russell -
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It's been a while since anything has been posted about Ultra Street Fighter IV, but while reading Facebook this morning a couple of friends posted links to an article on and a video on the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel that reveals some interesting info.

Combofiend, a well known Street Fighter player, gives a couple of details about two new mechanics that will be in a build of the game being featured in various location tests.  The first of these is Ultra Combo Doubles.  Can't decide which Ultra Combo to pick after picking your character?  How about just having access to both.  The drawback is that the Ultras will do reduced damage.  I would assume that you could still opt to just choose one Ultra and have it do normal damage.

The other new mechanic is Red Focus.  Red Focus is a new type of Focus Attack that can absorb multiple hits instead of just one like the normal Focus Attack.  However, you can still be thrown out of Red Focus or lose it to an attack with the Armor Break property.  Not much else was revealed about Red Focus.


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