Two new DLC packs available for Saints Row IV

by: Nathan -
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Saints Row IV already has tons of wacky costumes and weapons available, but some new costumes are now available via DLC.

Presidential Pack
  • What a better way for the President of the United States to actually be the President of the United States. The Presidental pack includes four Presidential masks and classic hairstyles to allow you to play as Obama, Bush, Lincoln or Washington. The pack will also include a female historical costume. 

Grass Roots Pack
  • This pack includes new outfits, weapons and a new vehicle. Overalls, hats, daily dude shorts and more are all available to represent all of the thug farmers in the virtual Steelport. This pack also includes new weapons including the plunger launcher. Yes, you can now launch plungers at peoples faces and have them. Also included is the double-barreled shotgun and assault rifle. Finally the pack will come with the Grass Roots fancy truck, complete with a punk flamingo! 

Both DLC packs are currently available for Steam and PSN for $2.99. Xbox Live will get the DLC tomorrow. 

Check out the new trailer for the DLC below! 

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