Two Capcom rumors that have me excited

by: John -
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This is unconfirmed but Team Spooky is saying that Capcom is set to announce Marvel vs Capcom 3 and that Super Street Fighter IV is coming to the PC. First up, let's address another Marvel vs. Capcom game. I enjoyed the first two but now that I'm sort of getting back into fighting games because of Street Fighter IV, I'd be really happy to see the Marvel universe get back into the fray. Jeremy loved Tatsunoko vs Capcom and I had a lot of fun with it when I played it at CES so seeing another vs game with Marvel characters would be a nice addition. With that said, let's hope it does have a ring of truth to it and we see it come to light.

Second, I kept telling Seth Killian at CES that Super Street Fighter IV needs to come to the PC. Mostly because I have the great Tankstick to use on my PC and that's my arcade style setup. X-Arcade has a pretty weird setup to get it to work on the Xbox 360 and it's not one that I want to do. Also, I have a nice PC setup to play the game but I'll be pretty happy to see it come to the PC if the reports are true.

Thanks Kotaku.
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