Transhumanist space-noir Last Life needs your earth-monies.

by: Jeff -
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Even though it's Kickstarter page has only been active for a little over 24 hours, Last Life has reached a quarter of it's $75,000 goal. After taking a look at the page, it's easy to see why- not only does it look cool, but it name-drops some pretty heavy-hitters in the indie world. It's got Kickstarter-golden-boy Tim Schafer's seal of approval; its a sci-fi noir that draws inspiration from Kentucky Route Zero and Twin Peaks; it's got a staff with a ton of indie experience- including Glitch City (the people who released/kickstarted games like Hyper Light Drifter, Thirty Flights of Loving and Nidhogg) and it's headed by Sam Fisher, winner of two IGF awards at GDC. Plus, a blurb from AN ACTUAL ROCKET SCIENTIST!

Last Life takes place on MarsTopia eleven years after the Earth was destroyed. Jack Parker is a private investigator that was shot and killed- then 3D-printed back to life. He's got four hours of borrowed time to figure out who killed him and why. And possibly figure out exactly what happened to the Earth eleven years ago.

Go to the Last Life Kickstarter page for more tantalizing blurbs, videos and gifs; and while you're there, make sure to give them some of your money. There isn't a projected release date yet, but Rocket Science is planning on releasing Last Life for PC, Mac and Linux.

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