Trademark filings hint at new Microsoft console, game trilogy, or who knows what.

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[source: zunited]
[via: joystiq]

On March 25, 2011 Microsoft filed three trademarks.  They are titled Fusion Genesis, Fusion Sentient, and Fusion Vault.

One is definitely some sort of videogame title.  The Australian games rating board outed Fusion Genesis as a "computer game" with a PG rating.  Speculation is that it is also a Kinect title.  That leaves Fusion Sentient and Fusion Vault.  Are they just two other games in some unannounced Kinect trilogy, or something else entirely?  Zunited speculates one of those could be the next console from Microsoft.  Joystiq, on the other hand is speculating that they're simply a new series of XBLA games or a single game with three potential titles.

If it is a new console named (or code-named) Fusion, then I speculate it will be an Xbox 360 and Kinect in a single unit, because that seems to me like something whose existence is overdue at this point.  

Hopefully, we'll find out more at E3.
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