Torque and FMOD developers unite

by: Randy -
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FMODWinner of the 2008 Frontline Award for Best Audio Tool, Firelight Technologies  Programmer's API is a library for the creation and playback of interactive audio.  If you've played Call of Duty: World at War, LittleBigPlanet, or World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, then you've heard FMOD at work.  Those are all big-wig titles, though.  What about the little guys?  Well, GarageGames -- makers of the Torque series of (likewise) Frontline award-winning game development tools -- is now partnering with Firelight to give the whole shebang to developers at the comely price of $99.  That's exactly it:  All Torque developers will now be getting FMOD in the package, all for under a Bennie.

"Firelight has been supporting the indie community for ten years now.  We're happy to partner with GarageGames, who has a like-minded attitude," said CEO of Firelight Technologies Brett Paterson.

Torque has been used to develop titles like Marble Blast Ultra, Fallen Empire: Legions, and Penny Arcade Adventures.  Getting these two companies together isn't exactly like getting the Gate Keeper and the Key Master together, but it ain't half bad.
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