Today's TOR update is a SAT Question:Jedi are to Sith as Genocide is to Darfur?

by: Ben Berry -
More On: Star Wars: The Old Republic
So Daniel Erickson is basically everywhere these days. He's getting interviewed left and right as the Bioware team developing The Old Republic seems to have new video to pass on every day. Today we have an Ars Technica story on some of the undertones that help flesh out the development of the Force sensitivity and control, and the philosophical differences between the two groups. I love my games to have stories and morals so this continues to confirm my official opinion that "This game will kick ass".

While the details are great in this story, and we learn things that will add a lot of layers to underpin the hack and slash aspects of gaming; I think Daniel is missing out on one very important thing: People like to be the bad guys because they are violent and powerful. Sure there will be folks who want to be more than two dimensional baddies, but there will just as many who want to be Sith in the game because they want to be dark and imposing like Vader. (And I'm still going to be a Jedi)
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