Today should be the day Dragon Age 2 is officially announced -Update- Now with cover from Game Informer

by: John -
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The BioWare Twitter has a tease saying today would be a great day for their fans. What can it be? Well, it's probably the unveiling of Dragon Age 2. Considering that, as Kotaku pointed out, an EA press release for Warhammer talked about how BioWare was developing Dragon Age 2.

The game's pretty awesome and Tina really enjoyed the first one so I'm expecting the second one to be even bigger. I would've liked to have seen a short tease at E3 but, hey, it's only a month later. In any case, fans of the first game should be pretty stoked about today's announcement.

Then again, BioWare would be announcing a sequel to Shattered Steel.

And here's the cover of the next Game Informer confirming that Dragon Age 2 is the news for today.

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