This Gymkhana video for DiRT 3 might sell you on it

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It's winter in Ohio which means snow.  One of my favorite activities using this frozen precipitation is doing donuts in an empty parking lot.  I realize that it is probably the closest I will get to Gymkhana.  I had never heard the term before so the video below is a good introduction.

Basically, Gymkhana allows the driver (player) to perform stunts, drift, and slide around real world obstacles.  It's like an amped-up version of the kudos courses in Project Gotham.  World Rally Championship drive Ken Block describes why he loves it and why it is going to make DiRT 3 even more awesome.

It’s time to jump behind the wheel once again as Codemasters releases a new video, starring World Rally Championship driver Ken Block, to introduce the freestyle stunt phenomenon Gymkhana in the upcoming videogame DiRT 3.

Gymkhana, the 90 million-plus YouTube phenomenon pioneered by Ken Block, powerslides into DiRT 3, allowing gamers to test their skills in free sessions or challenge events where they must complete courses by performing spectacular stunts, racking up combos and earning style points. Players can also play or compete with friends in split-screen or online multiplayer and become Gymkhana stars by publishing spectacular runs direct to YouTube.

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