ThinkGeek's awesome April Fool's iCade should be made

by: John -
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It's just too bad this is an April Fool's product but damn, this would be kind of cool to have. Check out ThinkGeek's iCade arcade cabinet for the iPad. Just slide the iPad into the arcade style cabinet and play some of your old favorite arcade games with a joystick and two button setup. It even has player select buttons on the front and a coin slot.

I have to give a great thumbs up to whoever did the design cause it looks really cool. It's just too bad it's not real or it would really tempt me to buy an iPad. Also, nice touch on the Super Steve Bros game screenshot where it looks like they are trying to take down Steve Ballmer. Some products have made it out of the April Fool's Day joke into reality so maybe, maybe there's a chance but I highly doubt it. And, if it did it would probably cost as much as an iPad.

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