There are a lot of people in this Dead Space 3 trailer

by: Nathaniel -
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What do you think about when you think of the Dead Space franchise?  Monsters?  A lonely engineer thrust into a situation where it would be perfectly reasonable to just put a bullet in your own head and be done with it?  An extra pair of pants? 

Whatever you think, other people besides Isaac Clark are probably not very high on the list.  Sure, there have been other humans in every game, but never more than you could count on one hand.  

Well, it seems like maybe that's changing in Dead Space 3.  Not only will you fight human enemies for the first time, and have a battle-buddy to help carry the load, but in this trailer alone, I swear, there are more normal humans than in Dead Space 1 and 2 combined.

Honestly, it's probably a good thing for poor, kinda insane, Isaac to spend some time around people other than the hallucinatory memory of a dead girlfriend, crazy doctors, and women he feels some compulsion to save (probably because he couldn't save his own gf).

Whatever happens, we only have a few more days until we can find out for sure because Dead Space 3 comes out this Tuesday.  In the meantime, enjoy this story trailer and try not to get bent out of shape over the fact that there are more humans in it than necromorphs.

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