The weapons of Halo 4 make some beautiful noises

by: Chuck -
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I have to admit that Halo 4 is the first Halo game that I've really looked forward to since Halo 2.  Why? Because the game is adding some new enemies and the game will hopefully be Flood free (I know they will probably show up a but a guy can dream can't I?).  I  didn't get a lot of time with the game at E3 but I did get a chance to play some of the new Spartan Ops mode with former Gaming Nexus writer Tina Amini.  

Back to the point, 343 Industries has released this new trailer which gives you a sneak peak at the various death dealing devices you'll have at your disposal in the game and what they'll sound like.  This will help you identify how screwed you are when you hear the pling of the Sticky Detonator.  The video is also nice as it is completely free of dubstep which will allow you to focus on the boom of the shotgun rather than the wubwub of the soundtrack.

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