The next Kojima game on the PS3 will have longer cut scenes

by: Nathan -
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That's the fear of many a gamer as has revealed that Panasonic and Sony have developed a new optical disc evaluation technology (i canz read disk) which will allow the layer capacity to jump up a notch making 33.4 GB Blu-Ray disc layers possible. As Edge pointed out Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was the first game to use a full 50GB dual layer which wasn't even enough room to include every element of the game in an uncompressed format. Looks like Hideo Kojima has had his wish fulfilled and will be complaining about there not being enough space on a 66.8 GB dual layer Blu-Ray disc in the coming years. The direct impact on video games? Well, none really. Many games don't use the full capacity of current technology. However, a higher capacity disc means that 3D blu-ray movies (maybe games?) at a higher quality.
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