The next Batman Arkham game is about the first time

by: John -
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After the great Batman: Arkham City, I wondered where they would go next with the story. If you haven't played it, well, it ends on a kinda down note for a few folks. We have the answer now courtesy of Game Informer.

Their May issue will be talking about Batman: Arkham Origins where you play a young Bruce Wayne early in his career as Batman and meeting some villains for the very first time. The cover has DeathStroke the Terminator, but I'm guessing we'll see many staples including the Joker in the game.

Rocksteady, who worked on the previous two, won't be working on this one as WB Montreal will be taking over using the Unreal engine again. This can sometimes be bad news, but we'll have to see how it goes once the game comes out. Rocksteady did such a good job on the first two that WB Montreal has some big shoes to fill with Arkham Origins. Oh, and the game is coming out soon as they have it pegged for October. 

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