The girls of DOA 5 have been naughty.... new holiday themed DOA 5 DLC available!

by: Nathan -
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This the holiday season and to celebrate, Team Ninja has released another round of costume DLC for Dead or Alive 5. In no surprise at all the lovely ladies of DOA will be donning their naughty holiday attire. For the female fans however you will also get some Santa suits for the male characters as well. You can buy them individually or as a full pack. 

Nice Girls Pack 
  • Santa Claus brings some Christmas cheer to three nice girls of Dead or Alive 5. This pack contains Santa costumes for Kasumi, Hitomi and Leifang. $2.99 or 240 Microsoft Points.
Bad Girls Pack
  • Jolly old St. Nick warmed up to three naughty girls of Dead or Alive. No coal in their stockings! This pack contains Santa costumes for Ayane, Christie and Tina. $2.99 or 240 Microsoft Points.
Lil' Santas Pack
  • Santa's been working out! Six little boys from Dead or Alive 5 put on Santa's costume for some Christmas fun. This pack contains Santa costumes for Hayabusa, Jann Lee, Bayman, Bass and Hayate, Akira. $2.99 or 240 Microsoft Points.
Round 6 Costumes. Full set
  • Get all the costumes from Nice Girls, Naughty Girls and Lil' Santas in one package - 12 costumes in all! This set contains costumes for Kasumi, Hitomi, Leifang, Ayane, Christie, Tina, Hayabusa, Jann Lee, Bayman, Bass, Hayate and Akira. $7.99 or 640 Microsoft Points.

The DLC is currently available on Xbox 360 and will be available of PS3 on December 18th.

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