The funny things you find when you are crawling around in the basement

by: John -
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I've been to many, many E3s and collected a lot of interesting items over the years.  In June of 1997, I had an appointment with Ion Storm and witnessed their first public presentation of Daikatana. To be honest, I remember being less than impressed with what I saw but here was a company that had some good talent behind them so I still had hope for the game.

As with all trade shows, stuff was handed out to promote their game and I remember picking up a t-shirt and a bandana. I don't know where the t-shirt is so if I do find it I'll post a picture. I spent a little time this morning wiring my one room with Ethernet cable. To do so, I had to crawl through a space in my basement and below is what I found lying there. It's been with me for 13 years and survived three house changing moves.

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