The engineer update finally released

by: John -
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It seemed like forever by Valve has finally released the update to the last class in Team Fortress 2, the engineer. Go to Steam now and grab your new maps and new engineer items.So what do we get?

First up we have three new maps: Thunder Mountain, Hightower, and Upward. New maps are always welcome and these look like they favor a vertical attacking style.

The Frontier Justice shotgun looks rather interesting. While it has half the ammo, you combine it with your sentries to build up criticals and then unleash them with the new gun. Two crits are earned for each sentry kill and one for an assist while you'll get some bonus crits when the sentry is destroyed.

The Wrangler lets you control your sentry as well as increase the missile launch rate and doubles the bullet firing rate. It also creates a shield around the sentry that absorbs 2/3 of the damage all while letting you aim the sucker as you wish. There's no auto aiming when you have the Wrangler in use though so while the offensive and defensive side has been increased, it's up to you to make sure it hits.

Finally, the Gunslinger is a gauntlet that replaces the wrench, which can make it a pretty interesting item. You get a +25 boost in health and hitting an enemy a third time always produces a crit. With the Gunslinger, you can drop these mini sentries that can't be repaired but builds in a quarter of the time and uses only 100 metal. Since they are mini, they only deal half the damage and since you don't have a wrench, they cannot be repaired.

It's good that now all the classes have their updates in place and I'm kinda excited to use the new engineer items as they all seem pretty cool.
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