The Unity engine will now work on a PlayStation Vita

by: John -
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Unity is an engine that's been around for a while and many developers use it for multi-platform releases. It's come a long way since it's incarnation and it's produced some very good games.

Well today, the Unity engine is now available to be used on PlayStation Vita games if you so desire. Unity 4.3 is open to the public and that's the version with Vita support. That means access to the rear touchpad, cameras, motion sensors, and any of the other features the Vita has on board for your game.

For those wanting to use Unity, you'll have access to all the PSN features such as trophies. The promise to build once and deploy all does sound promising, but from my experience with frameworks like these, you'll still need  to do some tinkering to get it to work right on the systems you are deploying. Still, it should save a lot of time in some areas for developers wanting to put this game out on other platforms and the Vita is another platform added to the already large array of platforms Unity supports.

Stick It To The Man was built on the Unity engine and the folks at Zoink! is releasing for the Vita today as the first game to utilize the engine on the Vita. Hopefully, we'll see some more great games coming out for the Vita using the brand new engine.

By the way, this was also announced a while ago that Unity will support Sony's Gaikai streaming service as well, so Sony seems to have a great deal of support as far as Unity is concerned.

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