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Are you intrigued by secret societies, urban legends, conspiracies and the like? Even if you’re not, the appeal of the upcoming MMO The Secret World for the PC and 360 is hard to disagree with. Even with the unexceptional name, the game is intriguing by virtue of the fact that it will be set in modern time and real world locations (New York, London, Seoul). Also, have you seen the teaser trailer last April? If not here it is again:

This is Funcom’s third MMO, so hopefully we will be able to see what the practice has done for them and the game. The developers nixed the idea of classes and levels so that players can have more freedom with their characters. They also went against the traditional MMO sci-fi themes and instead went with a real world riddled with conspiracies and monsters.

Although PAX attendees will be receiving more detailed information on the MMO, it was revealed that there will be three secret societies: the Illuminati, the Dragon, and the Templars. These societies are key to the storyline and the conspiracies in which players must pick a side by joining one of the three. Visiting the website will allow you to complete a personality test to gauge where your loyalties might be best suited. As a bonus, completing this test gives you a chance to win beta access to the game in the future, and keeps you updated on coming news.

For now, Funcom has collaborated with various sites to give you exclusive info.

Here is further information on the factions, brought to you by Gamespot:

The Dragon

The Dragon faction, based in The Secret World's version of Seoul, South Korea, has existed in some form for thousands of years. This faction specializes in indirectly influencing the flow of history by using subtle political suggestions, strategic alliances, and maybe a quiet assassination here and there to turn its enemies against each other and eventually get its way. While members of the Dragon faction don't fear using force, they also don't believe in excessive use of it; they prefer instead to humbly listen to their elders, peers, and the universe. They especially like it when you underestimate them, and those that do underestimate members of this faction generally come to regret doing so sooner or later.

The Illuminati

The Secret World's Illuminati faction is based in New York City and considered to be the "bad boys" of the underworld. The faction's roots date back to the days of ancient Egypt, though today, it's known for fabulously extravagant parties held by its rich-and-famous members, who are celebrities and captains of industry alike. This faction believes that honor is a myth, the dollar is indeed almighty, and survival should be enjoyed only by the fittest. While it takes wealth, power, and ambition just to gain entry to the Illuminati, it also takes complete ruthlessness and a single-minded focus on ransacking every store of wealth on the planet to truly advance oneself here.

The Templars

The Templars, based in The Secret World's version of London, is a zealous faction that has battled evil for centuries and is perhaps the least secret of the secret societies. Its syndicate has combined military might with religious clout and often operated openly since the days of the Babylonian empire. While the so-called "Knights Templar," an offshoot of this faction, has been identified by conspiracy theorists as an influential group, the true Templar faction possesses far more resources and influence across all of Europe, as well as spans parliamentary seats and even members of royal families. Templars believe that right makes might and that liberal applications of both will win the war against darkness.

Most exciting, CVG brings you the newest trailer:
Funcom reveals the secret societies of ‘The Secret World’
– Win beta access by taking the initiation test to find out in which you belong –
– New gameplay details, artworks and cinematic trailer revealed today –
– More exclusive details on ‘The Secret World’ to be revealed at PAX 2009 –

Durham, USA – September 3rd, 2009 – Funcom today revealed new details on its upcoming modern-day, real world massively multiplayer online game ’The Secret World’. As a teaser for more reveals to come out of the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this week, Funcom unveiled three secret societies - the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templars - all of which will be central to gameplay and the storyline in ‘The Secret World’.

Gamers everywhere can also visit the official website at and complete a unique personality test that will reveal to them what secret society they are most suited to join. Completion of the test will not only allow them to become an initiate of that secret society and thus an important member of the official ‘The Secret World’ community, it also gives them the chance to win exclusive future beta access to the game. Initiates will also be kept up-to-date on the development of ‘The Secret World’.

"The secret societies are integral to ‘The Secret World‘," says Producer and Director Ragnar Tørnquist. "Players must eventually pick a side in the conflict. By revealing the three societies - and at the same time keeping some exciting new features under wraps - we provide players with the opportunity to dig deeper into the conspiracies and urban legends, and to learn more about these famous secret societies, before making their final decision when the game launches."

For this pre-show reveal Funcom has teamed up with Gamespot (US), CVG (UK), Buffed (DE), JeuxVideo (FR), Meristation (ES), Multiplayer (IT), Boomtown (DK) and FZ (SE) - all of which today features exclusive information on the secret societies. By visiting those sites you can also check out all-new artworks as well as a new cinematic trailer for ‘The Secret World’ – the follow up trailer to the hugely successful cinematic released in April this year which has been viewed by more than one million gamers around the world. More in-depth information on the secret societies and gameplay associated with them, as well as the first ever in-game screenshots of the game, will be revealed exclusively to press during media-only presentations at the Penny Arcade Expo. The game’s official website will also see several updates over the next days that reflects the new content and information coming out of the show.

Funcom is also present on the showfloor during the show. Here gamers can learn more about ‘The Secret World’, take the initiation test, and even win exclusive ‘The Secret World’ merchandise. ‘Rise of the Godslayer’, the first expansion pack for the 2008 best-selling new MMO ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’ will also be featured on the showfloor and gamers can even try out a playable demo.

‘The Secret World’ is Funcom’s third MMO and features a unique modern-day setting. Players will be able to discover real world locations such as New York, London and Seoul as they battle the forces of evil together with thousands of players from around the world. ‘The Secret World’ uses no classes or levels, thus giving the player complete freedom of choice when creating and developing his or her alter-ego.

For more information on ‘The Secret World’ please visit
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