The Secret World post-GDC assets reveal in-game footage

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The Secret World had a presentation of its gameplay this year at GDC, and we’re now being given additional assets to share with you all. The video portion of the assets shows the first in-game footage of the upcoming MMORPG.

The video is a teaser trailer to an upcoming and more extensive video to be released this Thursday with promises of actual secrets being revealed. Catch a glimpse into what’s so far been a vague, and yet intriguing new MMO below, including what looks to be some menacing and creatively designed enemies.

Durham, USA – March 23rd, 2010 – Funcom is pleased to reveal brand new screenshots, artworks and in-game video material for its upcoming modern-day massively multiplayer online role-playing game The Secret World’. The new assets have been made available as the embargo date for the GDC 2010 presentations was lifted today; allowing journalists who attended the showings in San Francisco to report from what was the first ever showing of actual in-game gameplay. Gamers can expect the gaming medias’ first impressions of ‘The Secret World’ to appear on websites throughout the world this week.

"We are really excited to show off gameplay for the first time; giving press and players a peek into what we are working on is as exciting for us as it is for them," says Director and Producer of The Secret World, Ragnar Tørnquist. "'The Secret World' is such a massive game and although we have only shown a small glimpse of it so far, we believe it gives players a unique look into how the game will look, feel and play."

Among the assets made available today is a short video that features the first in-game footage from the game ever released to the public. But there is more to come: the video only teases at a longer and more substantial video that will be made available on this week on Thursday 25th.
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