The News at Midnight

by: Randy -
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  • In anticipation of today's (Fri.) Game/On audio interview, released this teaser article of what Mythic Co-Founder Mark Jacobs is saying about his company's deal with Electronic Arts.


  • Fans of the high seas anime series One Piece will have their timbers properly shivered by  8 new screenshots from the upcoming One Piece: Grand Adventure.

  • Martial arts weapon crafting is the sharp-edged topic in this developer diary for upcoming MMO 9Dragons.

  • Or meditate on the legendary Shaolin Temple monks in this first of six entries detailing the 9Dragons starter clans.

  • Then focus your chi on 9 new screenshots (get it?) of the orange-clad Shaolin.


  •  Be your own Middle-earth modder with the Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II software development kit.

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