The Gorg are coming!

by: Jeremy -
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Futuremark Games has announced that they are bringing Unstoppable Gorg to a variety of platforms this week. In addition to the previously announced PC and iPad versions of the game, Futuremark is also releasing a Mac version on January 19, 2012.

Unstoppable Gorg is a new twist on the tower defense genre; modeled in the vain of a 50‘s space movie, the game features the same tower building and upgrading fans of the genre have come to know and love, but now they can be repositions thanks to the gravitational orbits present in the solar system.

The game can be purchased later this week on both the iTunes App Store for $4.99 and Valve’s Steam service for $9.99. The game is also expected to launch later this year on the Xbox Live Arcade. I have spent the past week with the game and you can look forward to our review later this week as well.

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