The Godfather has finally been whacked

by: Dan -
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During an interview with Frank Gibeau, president of the EA Games label, the LA Times learned that EA has no plans to let loose with another Godfather title. According to the article, Gibeau stated "We're not going to do another one”.  In addition, the Times article stated that Gibeau “… noted that the company has no Godfather titles on its current production schedule, which extends out three years.” Despite this not being a massive shock (see the high water mark of 77 and 67 on Metacritic for The GF and The GF II respectively), both Paramount (which owns the Godfather movie rights) and an EA publicist denied to the LA Times that the game franchises future was already decided.  However, it appears more than likely that the franchise is toast with EA spending more time trying to establish (and rather successfully I might add) original and more lucrative IPs (i.e. no licensing fees) with such titles as Left 4 Dead and Dead Space.
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