The 3DS may be the name after all...

by: Jeremy -
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Nintendo has stated a couple of times over the past few weeks that the term “3DS” would not be the final name of the new 3D handheld set to debut at E3 2010. Nintendo claims that it is simply using the name as a “codename” for the project during its development, similar to Project Reality and Dolphin in the past. This week though, some new trademark filings by Nintendo in Japan seem to possibly contradict those very statements.

Nintendo has registered trademarks for both “3DSWare” and “3DSPlay”. Now, your guess is as good as mine as to what these names actually mean. Siliconera broke the news last night. The 3DSWare seems to indicate a downloadable games service, which was expected... but the 3DSPlay trademark could spark some serious speculation. Siliconera has a good idea in that it could be the first of a series of titles or perhaps a compilation of mini-games similar to Wii Play. That makes sense to me... guess we will find out at E3.
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