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by: Randy -
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  • Gamers Info has a trio of reviews for puzzle lovers: Zen of Sudoku, Crime Puzzle, and Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.  Frankly, I'm puzzled.
  • Gamasutra printed an article entitled "Shoot to Thrill" by John Henderson, which concerns newly-formed Stray Bullet Games (made up of Wolfpack Studios alumni).  More news concerning Stray Bullet can be found here.
  • Atomic Gamer has gone full steam ahead in their review of The Ship, a game that started out as a Half Life mod and is now up for retail.
  • They've also gone to the movies with Bet on Soldier: Blood of Sahara AGEIA PhysX, Justice League Heroes The Flash, and Mercury Meltdown trailer #2.
  • And the post-apocalyptic RTS, Trash, has a beta patch, v06May27.

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