Temple Run 2 expands with new gameplay.

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Temple Run 2 has been available on smartphones for quite some time now, but it's always nice when developers do some upgrades and add on content since it is somewhat rare in the mobile gaming world.  Imangi Studios announced today that an expansion of sorts will be available that will allow players to expand the world where you run as fast as you can from a hungry beast and have to explore water worlds or even play as Santa.  If you've never played Temple Run 2, you can pick it up for free to try it out on either iTunes or Google Play, depending on your type of smartphone.  The updates will be very similar in style to the regular game as getting further and earning coins will unlock more special items and features.

Temple Run 2 Expands With New Water Gameplay and Holiday Treats
Cruise through raging rapids, play as Santa with limited-time holiday exclusives and more

RALEIGH, N.C. - Dec. 10, 2013 - Imangi Studios, the founders of the smash successTemple Run series, are bringing early holiday cheer with Temple Run 2 updates. In one of the biggest updates since the game launched in January 2013, players can swim through raging rapids, discover mysterious masks, unlock a limited-time character and collect holiday artifacts.
Temple Run 2 now includes a water slide, and players can use the same swiping motions to make their character turn and duck, all while cruising down perilous rapids. Look out for all-new collectible masks, but be wary ?? some are far rarer than others!
Additionally, players can celebrate the season by unlocking various holiday artifacts, including candy canes, wreaths, holly, stockings and presents. Earning these artifacts rewards players with a Santa hat, which they can place on the Temple Run character of their choice. Collect enough gems and Santa Claus himself appears as an unlockable character.
??We??re approaching the one-year anniversary of Temple Run 2??s launch, and with this update we wanted to introduce new gameplay elements that keep the run exciting for players,?? said Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi Studios. ??And of course, we love the holidays, so we couldn??t pass up the opportunity to incorporate Santa and holiday artifacts into the game.??
Key Updates Include:
  • Run as Santa for a limited time through the holiday season by using gems to unlock!
  • Five holiday artifacts to unlock: holly, present, stocking, wreath, candy cane
  • Santa Hats - Earn a Santa hat for each character when you collect each of the holiday-themed items
  • Water slide play feature ?? Dive through treacherous waters 
  • Unique obstacles - fallen trees, large rocks and more
  • Hunt down masks of varying rarities
With over 500 million downloads between Temple Run and Temple Run 2, the series is one of the biggest in mobile gaming. Since the launch of the original game in 2011, the brand has expanded to include apparel with Komar Kids, digital comics with Ape Entertainment, and card and board games with Spin Master, among other licensing partnerships. Imangi has collaborated twice with Disney to launch Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz. Both games reached the #1 slot on the App Store.
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