Take Two: the checks are in the mail

by: Jeremy -
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Wow... I thought that we were all done with the whole Hot Coffee fiasco. I guess I was wrong as it turns out that the infamous GTA mini-game is still being dealt with by the folks at Take Two. You may remember Hot Coffee as the infamous bonus game included in 2006's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which allowed players to participate in sexual acts with in game characters. The entire dilemma about the content stemmed from the fact that Take Two had failed to divulge the details of the content to the ESRB when it was submitted for rating.

The whole fiasco led to a huge public outcry and media scrutiny unlike anything seen since the Mortal Kombat violence in the early 90's. This was the sort of thing that Jack Thompson salivated over and has served as fuel for the fire(s) against games for many of those who oppose mature video games. Now, some 4 years later, it all appears to be drawing to a close as Take Two has started issuing the settlement checks to those who were “affected” by the original prints of the game that contained the content. Checks ranging from $5 to $35 are being disbursed as a result of the legal aspect(s) of the case. Anyone in GN-land getting a check? Let us know...

Source: Kotaku
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