Take Two for Sale?

by: Chuck -
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Next Generation is reporting that Take Two games may be looking to sell the company.  Given the recent management shake-ups the company is in prime shape to be moved (a large group of shareholders is trying to get rid of the CEO and CFO which is always a sign of an attempt to sell the company).  The big question is who would be in place to buy the company. 

Personally I don't think there's much value in Take-Two as a whole but I think they could look at selling off chunks of the company (2K Games, 2K Sports, Irrational, Rockstar).  I can see EA Sports buying out 2K Sports to get at the MLB License (John thinks it will be Microsoft) and I think Irrational and/or Rockstar would fit in well with Bioware/Pandemic at Elevation Partners.  Time will tell though.
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