Take Two continues to have year from hell

by: Chuck -
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Did I miss a memo that it was crap on Take Two year?  Between the fallout from the "Hot Coffee" scandal last year it turns out that the SEC is now investigating them for how they granted stock options from 1997 to the present day.  This comes on top of the report late last week that a lot of the Rockstar people have been leaving the company and you have to wonder about where the company is headed.  While things look dire now the company did have a pretty good showing at E3 this year (The Darkness and Bioshock both could be big hits next year) and their sports division still produces some of the best games on the market.  With the share price hovering around $10 a share now you have to wonder if they are a target for take over or not.  Sure there is a lot of legal baggage but they still have a lot of great games in their pipeline.
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