THQ says it's not dead yet

by: John -
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Over the weekend, rumors were that THQ has cancelled their entire 2014 lineup and was readying itself to be sold. Like most things today, it started out on Twitter and just blew up. Well, THQ has finally said something to address the rumors.

As seen on Kotaku, THQ has NOT cancelled their 2014 lineup AND it hasn't made any decision on their Warhammer MMO, which was one of the catalysts for all this talk in the first place. That's not to say they aren't still going to cancel it. Getting a successful MMO is tough in this business. But for now, there's no decision made on it.

Well now we have official word from the company, we'll have to see where they go from here. Currently, they're on track for 2014, but things can change pretty quickly in this industry. They're going to have to keep putting out great software like Saint's Row the Third and have little wiggle room for low sales.

Let's hope THQ gets some good quality titles and starts to turn around their financials in the next year.
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