THQ reduces staff at Volition and Kaos

by: John -
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Yesterday wasn't a good day for workers in the gaming industry at a few places. THQ has confirmed that they let go 16 workers at Volition and 17 workers at Kaos Studios.

Kaos just released Homefront and they still have about 70 people offering continue support with the game as well as working on DLC and I'm assuming new games as well.

Volition's layoffs is a little puzzling to me as they have some pretty big releases coming up this year. Red Faction Armageddon and Saints Row The Third are set to be released and they're working on Insane with Guillermo Del Toro. There are still 220 employees left at Volition so it's not like they're working with a small staff. 

As with Sony, I wish the folks who were affected best of luck and I hope they find a new opportunity quickly.
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