THQ developing 2009 titles based on UFC, Red Faction and Saint's Row among others

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In today's THQ 3rd Quarter 2008 financials, Brian Farrell, President and CEO, made mention that fiscal year 2009 (April1st 2008 to March 31st 2009) will bring games based on several of their known properties, such as Red Faction and Saint's Row. In addition, he insinuated new titles from licensed properties WWE, UFC, Disney/Pixar and Nickelodeon. Check out his comments below:

Farrell continued, "We continue to strengthen our product development capabilities to support our long-term strategy of creating new owned intellectual properties. We look forward to launching Frontlines: Fuel of War at the end of this month. In fiscal 2009, we are well positioned for increased sales and profitability with strong owned intellectual properties such as Red Faction and Saints Row and well-known licensed franchises including WWE, UFC, Disney/Pixar and Nickelodeon&quote;
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