TF2 Medic weapon upgrades revealed

by: Chuck -
More On: Team Fortress 2
Shacknews has posted all the details on the new unlockable weapons for the medic class in Team Fortress 2.  The weapons are:
  • The Blutsaugher: A new syringe gun that drains health to the medic when it hits.  Granted when you earn 1/3 of the medic achievements.
  • The Critzcrieg: Replaces the standard healing gun and now grants critical hits rather than invulenrability. Granted when you earn 2/3rds of the medic achievements
  • The Ubersaw: Charges ubercharge when you make contact.  Granted when you unlock all the achievements
I'm interested to see how these weapons work in practice as these really represent a bit of a change in how you would play a medic, allowing for a slightly more offensive minded medic.
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