TERA PAX 2010 behind closed doors

by: Tina -
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If you (like silly me) did not attend PAX 2010, you were not privy to the behind closed doors demonstration of action MMO, TERA. Fortunately, we have technology and the Internet to put these qualms to rest. Today, En Masse Entertainment revealed this demo to the public and we’ve posted it here for your view.

The video portrays Cutlist’s Refuge characterized by a new and unknown underworld enemy. Producer Sam Kim and Associate Producer Stefan Ramirez narrate the demonstration as they take you on a group combat experience. You can get familiar with the classes offered in the game, as well as some of the enemies. The narration makes you kind of feel like you’re back in kindergarten sitting on the floor listening to a story read by your teacher, but it’s a good sneak peak at the action of the game - particularly a look at good variety of enemies - as well as some combat hints from the narrators nevertheless.

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