Super Street Fighter IV hitting arcades on 12/16

by: Jeremy -
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Japanese arcades, as well as a few fortunate North American ones, will be getting the latest and greatest fighting game by the end of the year. Now that the testing phase has finally been completed, Capcom is prepared to release Super Street Fighter IV into the arcades.

The game has been tearing up consoles for most of this year and the fight is finally moving into the arcades. The most noticeable addition to the arcade version of the game will be the addition of two characters to the playable roster: Street Fighter 3‘s Yun and Yang. Other characters on the roster have also been tweaked and balanced based on player feedback since the game’s launch on the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in April.

Capcom is still keeping quiet on whether or not Yun and Yang could perhaps make their way to the console versions of the game via DLC... so let’s keep our fingers crossed. Who knows, perhaps they even have more secrets in store for the arcade version as well...

Source: Alpha Station 

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