Super Street Fighter IV coming to Arcades too

by: Jeremy -
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The home console market won’t be the only place to get your Shoryuken on this Spring as Capcom has officially announced that Super Street Fighter IV is in fact coming to the arcades as well. The announcement of the arcade port was made following the conclusion of the the national SF4 tournament’s championship bouts. Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono mentioned the port following the awards ceremony and the company officially mentioned it on the game’s Japanese site.

At this time, only a Japanese arcade release has been announced, but higher end arcades in the US will likely carry that machine even if a US machine is never manufactured.  I loved SF4 on the home consoles but cannot argue with the fact there the feeling of sitting down to an actual, official arcade cabinet of the game is unmatched. It made perfect sense for Capcom to bring the upgraded version of the game to the arcades, I just wonder why it took them so long to announce it.
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