Super Street Fighter IV coming next year

by: John -
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Capcom's coming out with a new Street Fighter next year and it's an update to Street Fighter IV. Yesterday, we posted a link to some leaked images and yes they are in fact for Super Street Fighter IV coming in spring of 2010. Gamespot has the exclusive details on the game and it looks like we're getting eight new characters although that number can change.

Only two has been announced and that's T.Hawk and the new Juri female character. There will also be some balancing and tweaking of the current roster and some more additional yet to be announced changes.

Some might be wondering why this isn't just a DLC but Capcom explains it to Gamespot in their decision. The good news is they won't be charging full price and those with the disc of IV will get a surprise as well. Now, we'll have to see just how much they will charge but it's good to hear they are going to keep it lower than the current $60 price tag of new games.

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