Super Splatters is bursting onto Steam next month

by: Sean Colleli -
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I really enjoyed Spikysnail Games' physics puzzler The Splatters, mostly because it took the best elements of games like Peggle but worked in a lot of skill-based gameplay and a goofy sense of humor. The Israeli game studio is at it again with Super Splatters, this time on the PC, coming to Steam in June.  If you pre-order the game at its official website, you get 30% off the final price.

I'm interesting to see the new twists they put on the formula, and to be honest I'm relieved the game is coming to Steam instead of XBLA. It's kind of sad, but Microsoft has dropped a lot of the promising indie support on the Xbox platform that originally fostered titles like Braid. For quirky, creative puzzlers like Super Splatters, Steam Greenlight is the place to be now!
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