Super Monday Night Combat now allows for user created content

by: Nathan -
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Super Monday Night Combat got an update this week and the good folks at Uber have released some of the assets for the game which will now allow for players to create their own content which can be sold in the in game store if Uber selects it. 

Players can create their own textures, costumes, weapon skins, models and props with the released assets. Uber has released a version of the UDK and you can then import the assets from the various characters. All of the info on how to start creating your own content can be found in their info thread which you can check out here.

The user created content forums can be found here.

here is also a new free pro rotation for the game. New players can check out Wascot, Karl, Assault, Cheston, Combat Girl and Gunner for free!

Finally we have some pictures below showing off just some of the content that players have started working on. Keep in mind that these are all works in progress 

Skelingtonking has created a shorter sword for Assassin
Meatgrinder double mini gun for Gunner by Skelingtonking
Cheston "Cymbalism" skin for Cheston by phaserrave
Crown for Leo by cookie1mon
ppleandcinamon has started working on Megabeth
"Mega Milk" skin for Megabeth by goodbean

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