Stringer at Sony asked to step down, says hacking resulted from trying to protect IP

by: John -
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Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, is feeling a little bit of heat. At a shareholder's meaning, he was asked to step down by one shareholder, but didn't address that. He also believes that the reason they were hacked was because they were trying to protect their intellectual property.

He is right though when he says that it's not just Sony that has been hacked. There have been other high profile hacking, but for gamers and a lot of the media, it was hard to ignore when your entire service is down for a good month or so. I'm sure this isn't the end and we'll see more of these in the future with other companies.

As for someone asking Howard to step down, it was inevitable. When something really negative happens to a company, some want new blood in for a fresh start. It's hard for the public to move on from a view of a company of those that are in charge when the incident happens are still in charge.
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