Street Fighter X Tekken comes out to play at Captivate

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Capcom has lifted a proverbial media floodgate for their upcoming fighing game Street Fighter X Capcom. The game, which isn’t due until 2012, was shown in great detail at last week’s Captivate and appears to be shaping up rather nicely.

This morning, Capcom released a bunch of media to the public, including a new cinematic trailer, in game footage, and a ton of art and screenshots. All of the assets can be found below for your viewing pleasure. Capcom’s take on the crossover (Namco has their own in development as well) looks fantastic. Using the same style used in the SF4 series, Capcom appears to be making the Tekken alum their own in both their visual and gameplay styles. I have never been much of a Tekken fan myself, but I really like they way that the Namco characters are being presented in this new, non-3D (I won’t call it 2D) format.

Capcom is touting a couple of important features for the new game, particularly a revamped control system and expansive online options. The control scheme is said to be one that will feel familiar to players of both series, which is interesting to me since they both play so drastically different. AS for the online options, more is always better (and welcome). Capcom set the bar for online fighting games with last year’s SSF4 and looks to be raising it again with this title. They aren’t exactly letting out the details on what they have planned, but promise that quite a few surprises are in store in the online functionality department.

Take a look at how beautifully the game is shaping up: 

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