Strategy First and GamersGate partner for digital distribution agreement

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The one and only GamersGate, one of THE top digital distribution companies around, has officially partnered with Strategy First, giving GamersGate the right to allow GamersGate users to buy and download some of Strategy First's top titles. And, of course, you can't make a deal like this without a celebration! GamersGate is offering 20% off the full price for all Strategy First titles! For a list of the titles available, just check out the press release. And to take advantage of this great offer, just head over to the GamersGate homesite!
Strategy First and GamersGate Partner for Digital Distribution Agreement

New York - October 9, 2009

GamersGate, a leading platform for digitally distributed PC and Mac games, today announced that it has formed a distribution agreement with Strategy First to host some of their key titles on GamersGate’s online marketplace. To celebrate this partnership, Strategy First and GamersGate are offering the entire lineup of Strategy First titles for 20% off their full price.

"As an award-winning independent development studio, Strategy First manifests our goals for the future of the game industry, and the future of independent, grass-roots development," said Daniel Hjelmtorp, Product Manager for GamersGate. "This partnership is an important milestone for our business as well as the business of distributing video games digitally."

The Stragey First titles that are now available for 20% off on GamersGate are:

- Disciples 2 Gold
- Disciples Sacred Lands Gold
- Jagged Alliance 2 Gold
- Space Empires 5
- Space Empires 4
- Star Fury
- O.R.B.

"Offering our award-winning titles through GamersGate’s global marketplace is a significant milestone, and will surely help us reach a broader audience as a result," said Emanuel Wall, Business Development Manager for Strategy First. "We look forward to continuing our partnership with GamersGate, and to bringing more of our titles to their established marketplace."

For more information about GamersGate, or to purchase key Strategy First titles, please visit:
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