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Stormrise, the generically-named RTS, released some generic character biographies for their generic character lineup.  These depict foes from both sides of the thin red line, and with names like Sable, Ava, Donovan, Aiden and Lance, it'll sound like you're looking at a cast for a daytime soap opera rather than a roster of sworn postapocalyptic enemies.  What we've got here, ladies and gentlemen, is an advanced and degenerative case of thinking small.

Character Bios


Name: Ava

Age: Unknown

Rank: Unknown

Call sign: Ava


Veiled in mystery and darkness, little is known about Ava other than the fact that she is a deadly foe.


Name: Donovan Blake

Age: 55

Title: Chancellor


Chancellor Donovan Blake has served the Echelon for many years.  Elected Chancellor 10 years ago, He has shown stout resolve in preserving the peace between the Sai and the Echelon, even when the situation has become heated.


A powerful orator, Chancellor Blake uses the full force of his personality to try and keep the disparate elements of the Sai at peace with each other and the protecting forces of the Echelon.


Chancellor Blake is well known for his honesty and desire for stability.

Name: Aiden Geary

Age: 31

Rank: Captain/Commander

Call sign: Geary


One of the Echelons most gifted commanders before the Event; Captain Aiden Geary has recently been brought out of stasis from a rediscovered hibernation base. 

Recognized multiple times for leadership and courage under fire, Captain Geary’s skills and abilities will play an essential part in stabilizing the current chaotic situation.


The only mentionable blight on an otherwise spotless record was a strong resistance to the civilian lockout procedures enacted at his hibernation base.


Captain Geary is somewhat of a legend in the ranks as several of his battles are taught at command school to the recruits.

Name: Geist

Age: 40+

Rank: Principle


Not much is known about Geist’s history, other than he first appeared years ago acting as a general for the Sai leader Meridian.


Many Echelon commanders took this near emotionless enigma to be an obedient animal, lacking in intelligence and battlefield savvy. Their underestimation would prove quite often fatal as Geist would be victorious in many encounters along the frontier.


His appearance can be startling, covered in Sai lesions on all but his neck and head, his mouth is obscured by a mask. Geist’s large frame exudes Sai energy and he wields a wealth of offensive power unequalled amongst the Sai.


Geist is an enigma to Echelon commanders, he seems to follow an unspoken code of honour, being unfailingly polite on one hand and then crushing his enemies remorselessly on the other.

Name: Lance Cooper

Age: 26

Rank: Lieutenant

Call sign: Coop


Graduating at the top of his class at command school has done nothing to calm Lance “Coop” Cooper’s cocky and brash demeanour.


Exhibiting several narcissistic qualities, Lieutenant Cooper none-the-less shows concern for the welfare of the men under his command and a deep loyalty to his friends.


Coop has had a chequered past when it comes to obeying orders, usually engaging in action before the situation has been fully assessed.  Despite this, Coop has led several successful combat engagements along the frontier.


He’ll need to learn some patience if he hopes to progress through the Echelon ranks.

Name: Sable

Age: 29

Rank: Neophyte


Sable is well known in the Sai and Echelon ranks. Her willingness to do nearly anything she can to get what she wants, mixed with her powerful abilities, have marked her as a force to be reckoned with.


Her past is as clouded as her personality is unstable. Discovered in a shanty town on the frontier, her raw abilities drew the attention of the Sai though her continuing lack of discipline leaves her powers unpredictable.


Sable quickly discovered her powers allowed her to take what she wanted, whenever she wanted it. If that fails Sable has been known to use her feminine wiles.


She is to be treated with extreme caution if encountered in the field.

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