Steam Weekend Deal: Anno and Dungeons

by: Sean Colleli -
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Have you been hesitant about buying Dungeon Defenders? The Steam Weekend deal wants you to give it a try free. The game is free to play all weekend, and also 50% off at $7.49, which also includes all DLC. Did I mention the game has wholeheartedly embraced Valve's properties, including crossovers of a working Portal gun and miniature Team Fortress 2 sidekicks? Yeah, probably worth checking out.

Last but not least, Steam is also offering Anno 2070 at 40% off, or $30. The near-future strategy game lets you deal with the fallout of global warming with ecologically-balancing technology...or make it worse with full-speed-ahead industry. It's about time that city sims had some kind of accountability, I say!

Check out both deals here.
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