Stealth Bastard Deluxe should be owned by everyone on the strength of its title alone

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First it was a free prototype called Stealth Bastard, and now Curve Studios' fully-fledged and epically titled Stealth Bastard Deluxe.  You can buy SBD right now on Steam stores for only $8.99 (that's with the first-week-only 10% discount).

In SBD you are an agent trying to escape a facility (there's no word on whether or not said agent's parent were married at the time he was born).  The facility is filled with robots to avoid, puzzles to solve, and traps to disarm.  Along the way you'll also hack computers and pick locks, because it just wouldn't be a stealth game if you couldn't do those things.

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Stealth Bastard Deluxe out today on Steam – with 10 per cent off during first week

Tactical Espionage Arsehole unleashed; new trailer deployed

Wednesday 28th November, 2012: Curve Studios’ brilliant action sneak-‘em-up Stealth Bastard is today available on Steam stores worldwide, priced $8.99 for the first week.

The game – a fully developed version of the studio’s acclaimed free prototype which has been downloaded more than 135,000 times – launches with a 10 per cent discount for the first seven days (regular price $9.99).

Players control an agent tasked with escaping the facility; a top security building filled with lethal puzzles, robots and traps. Throughout the game’s 80 levels, players must run, jump, sneak, slide and scamper their way through each room, hacking terminals, breaking locks, solving puzzles and, well, staying alive.

To celebrate the release, Curve Studios has unveiled a new trailer showcasing some of the game’s “Deluxe” skills – which include all-new equipment, special sound-based puzzles and even bosses, among many other things.

“You’ve played the prototype, now it’s time to see if you can beat the real deal,” says Jonathan Biddle, design director, Curve Studios. “Releasing Stealth Bastard for free meant we could create the game we wanted to play ourselves, without worrying about any external pressures. The fact it’s now evolved into a brilliant Deluxe version speaks volumes about the foundations upon which it’s been built. We’re really looking forward to seeing the reaction of the Steam community.”

With a brilliant dark sense of humour, instant re-starts and fiendish (but fair) challenges, it’s a brilliant game boasting endless replay value – and even more of a steal during its first week on sale.

Stealth Bastard Deluxe is now available on Steam, priced $8.99 for the first week. The original soundtrack is also available separately, with a 10 per cent discount during the first seven days.
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