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Square Enix announced their latest title for the iPhone and iPod touch today with the introduction of Crystal Defenders Vanguard Storm. The game is available on the iTunes AppStore at a cost of $4.99 starting today. Vanguard Storm is the second title on the Crystal Defenders series and continues the high-speed defensive simulation skills needed to master the title. Taking a look at the screens (after the jump), you can gain a feel for how the battle system will work and how much strategy will be involved.

LOS ANGELES (May 13, 2009) – Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today that their latest iPhone/iPod touch game, CRYSTAL DEFENDERS™ VANGUARD STORM™, is now available for download in 77 countries worldwide via App Store®.

The second original title in the CRYSTAL DEFENDERS series, VANGUARD STORM marks the return of exciting handheld “defensive simulation” to the iPhone/iPod touch. To protect their armies’ crystals from the ever-advancing monster hordes, players must master the simple, yet innovative new control system made possible by the iPhone/iPod touch’s hands-on interface.

Platform iPhone/iPod touch
Genre Defensive Simulation
Release Date May 13, 2009
Price iPhone/iPod touch $4.99 ´╝łavailable worldwide via App Store´╝ë

*The free trial version, CRYSTAL DEFENDERS VANGUARD STORM Lite, is also available for download

In VANGUARD STORM, players must scramble to strategically position units into various formations in order to prevent encroaching monster hordes from breaking through the front lines and stealing the army's crystals. This high-paced defensive simulation (tower defense) game employs a real-time turn system in which reading the battlefield and determining optimal locations for each allied unit before the turn counter is spent are crucial for victory.

As with CRYSTAL DEFENDERS, VANGUARD STORM also features jobs from the popular FINAL FANTASY TACTICS® A2: Grimoire of the Rift™. Whether engaging in a concentrated attack or a gradual, widespread assault, players must constantly adjust battle formations in order to best take advantage of their units' individual abilities. In addition to jobs geared towards offensive maneuvers, there are also jobs which support or enhance other units. White Mages can restore an injured ally's HP, while Bishops can increase a nearby unit's attack power.

Finally, the monsters of VANGUARD STORM come in all different shapes and sizes. Some tread upon the ground, while others attack from the skies. Some even have resistances to certain types of attacks. To ensure victory, players must recognize these traits and then adjust battle formations accordingly; pitting melee-oriented jobs such as Soldiers against monsters that resist magick, or Archers against aerial enemies.

The official website can be found at http://www.cd-vanguardstorm.com.

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